Saturday, March 25, 2017

Smoldering bodybuilder Dylan Davidson stopped by the expansion clinic today. He was wearing a jock jammed with his huge, thick set of cock and balls. Peter Chaos merely brushed up against him for a moment and Dylan's jock burst off revealing an instantly larger dick than he had just come in with. Not knowing of Peter's powers of growth, Dylan's dick went limp and his face registered grave concern, as seen here. I know he'll be back when he gets used to jacking his four foot monster cock. Dr Mike and Peter will grow him even more, and Dylan will be happily cumming continuously next time!

Another "straight" gay-for-may porn star, but who cares, right? Look at his massive balls––that he's sitting on! And look at that humongous monster cock––that'll take a couple of other guys to bring him off! One of our associate expansionists, Adam, is very eager to get this guy into an expansion chamber and grow his dick even more. But how?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

First guy, Jerome Gordon says, "Maybe I'm not a model, but I can kiss and fuck better than most of them and I'd be happy to prove it!" Next up, Jason MacAteer is gorgeous, hung like a bull, rich as Croesus, and a super sweet sugar baby. Jason takes really good care of his handsome husband, Long Island cop, Officer Peter Helgud. It's a rare relationship, but they love each other like no one else. Big cock & handsome, or just a guy next door; love and the best sex can be found anywhere!

Two top bodybuilding contestants from the late 20th Century have come back as lovers. Frank (left) said, "We don't have the kinds of mega muscles you see today" and Jim finished it with "Or the giga dicks either!" They smiled at each other and looked at me, Frank said, "But at the time we had perfect bodies and the biggest dicks." I asked if they'd like to try some cock expansion at our clinic and Jim said, "Nah, after decades together with the dicks we have, I'm okay to just keep going as we are, but thanks!" You can still find them at Venice "Muscle" Beach!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hey boyz! I'm Joey, Joey Galileo from Crown Heights. You seen me at Star Lounge, yeah, dat one, I'm a stripper. An' ya know, da women fuckin' eat me up. Nah, dey don't, but dey wanna, right? An' dey pay da rent so who cares, huh? After woik I drive ta da Plumb Beach rest stop on da Belt. Yeah, den I get some serious head from some cocksucker who knows what da fuck he's doin' wit my gigantic fat cock! An' if he's as hung and huge as I am, I suck his dick too; yeah gotta get me some big dick tonight!

Handsome monster bodybuilder Daniel Foster was discovered at a nearby gym by our expansionist Peter Chaos. Peter took Daniel aside and squeezed his bulging compression shorts to see what he had to work with. Daniel stood there getting hard looking at Peter's massive muscles and gigantic dick. He started to bend down for a taste of Peter's raging hard-on, but Peter said, "No, let me" and proceeded to suck Daniel's cock until it enlarged to what you see here! Another instant cock-growth phenom!!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Jaeger is back showing us how big his massive soft dick gets when it's hard––um, yeah, that's big! And beautiful Eddie is back with his huge and growing dick, his gigantic bulge totally filling out his smooth blue velvet posers! Massive new bodybuilder Maurice checks in with a big, memorable dick and low slung balls hanging past his knees! Musclehunk Steve Cartwright is ready to visit us for his first time, and he's lucky he's got a thick 18" to start with!

As CEO of the GiganticHugeMeat Cock Expansion facilities, I sometimes have to share how lucky we've been through our success. The COO, Dr Mike D Ganger's two years here have been spectacular! Here's a shot of him his first week, after only one blowjob––which I gave him! He's a true phenom, an inspiration, and he shows that the more vascular the dick, the faster and bigger it gets. Every few months we'll release a picture of his rousing progess over his tenure here––at this point, his dick is by far the biggest in the world, and you'll see it someday!