Saturday, July 7, 2018

Still waitin' to ship out, my dick can't seem to stop growing, bigger, thicker, harder. My gigantic thick monster cock is so humongous I can't hide it, it's like an ass seeking missile, a hot guy walks by, stops and smiles, turns and drops trou, spreads his muscular legs, shows me his hungry hole, I can't help it, gotta fuck him. Shit, now they're lining up!

You saw me with my dick pulled out and fluffed a little––here's what it looks like in my pants, totally soft. Maybe next time I'll get hard for you and fuck you till we're both roaring in ecstacy!!!

I'm back and my humongous thick monster cock is even thicker, my mushroom dickhead is bigger, my bubble butt is fuller, and my balls are more massive! I can't stop growing!! Can't help it, I cum nonstop!