Sunday, May 8, 2016

This cock heavy group of four guys––who were here recently––went over to my buddy JT's, picked up and used a couple of recently developed cock enhancement methods JT made. Breakthrough super strength cock growth pills, and a revolutionary growth enhancing gel, that guys, who like to watch as cocks grow gigantic, rub onto their idol's cock––and keep rubbing until the cum flood shoots out of every dick around. Here are their stories:

Dantrell: "Yeah, I see you hungry cock-slaves staring at my massive member. Well, I'm sure you guys notice that it's still pretty soft. It only looks stiff because it's resting on my gargantuan cum-factory balls. Why don't three of you guys come over here and start giving it some serious attention with your hands. Meantime, I'll pop some of my new, improved cock growth pills, extra strength dose, and we'll see what kinda party we can rock. Maybe you guys will want to lay down and wrap your arms around a 20' cock––that's thicker than a tree!"

Brendt: "Hi guys, lookin' for some love? Well, so is this heavy piece of meat that's too big to be called a "dick"! I did you a favor by popping this huge fuck cannon out of my pants to prove I wasn't stuffing socks, or towels, or something pathetic like that. Why don't you guys come closer and get my pants to fall to my ankles. I'll need at least two of you to be all over this one. Also, rub a pile of this special gel onto your hands, and then slather it all over my cock, you'll see someting you've never seen before!"

Cal: Yeah, I have a cute fratboy face, and a toned fratboy athlete's body. All my frat brothers claim they're into girls. Well, this will show that they really want enormous cocks. Once they swear allegiance, I'll give them some of my special lube so they can start playing with my monster dick. What they don't know is that this lube contains the hyper-growth formula––can't wait until they see my already gigantic cock grow and expand before their very eyes! They'll figure it out pretty quickly, and soon enough their little dicks will suddenly be huge––that's when the serious fucking and sucking begins! All about cock!

Nik: Hey buddy, I can't tell if you're staring at my huge inflated pecs, my iron-wrought biceps and triceps, my powerful basketball-sized shoulders, my bubble butt, my rippling rock hard abs, or my commanding quads. Wow, you're really drooling there! What'd ya say? My cock? Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that. Cock-size growth is a by-product of my intense workouts––I'm one of the lucky ones! In fact you'll see how my giant cock rips through my shorts and jock when I'm benching. I wear 6XL shorts, of course, which are held up by my massive package. But as I'm lying there thinking about my humongous growing pecs and arms, I get so horny that the friction in the jock pumps up my monster cock so fast that it shreds the jock and mesh shorts into threads. Just happy the gym has a triple height ceiling, as I fully expect to continue growing in that direction. Boy, it'll be hot to feel my massive cock-head scraping that ceiling, and watching as all the guys get covered with my thick hot cum shower!