Sunday, February 23, 2014

Famous Muscle Model Josh O Strips for You! His Massive Low Hangers and Thick 21" Mushroom Head Cock Are Swinging Back & Forth Waiting for Him to Wrap His Hands Around them and Jack Off on You!

Ripped Bodybuilder is Excited to be Naked on Stage! That Turgid 24" Monster Cock Will Start Spewing on the Audience Just From Bouncing Around While He Poses!

Handsome Musclemorph with a Gigantic Hard Dick Just Waits for You to Suck Him Dry!

You Want to See His Huge Bulge Grow into a Gigantic Hard Dick and Jump Out at You, Slap Your Face, Slick Your Face with Precum and then Explode All Over You? Do it!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Handsome Bodybuilder David Riley is a Grower––Look at the Massive Dick That Comes Swinging Out of His Bulge! His Dick is So Thick Both Hands Won't Even Go Halfway Around it!

Oh yeah, He Really Liked Seeing your Huge Dick, Now Look at His Massive Cock––All 28" of it, Thick as His Biceps with a Mushroom Head, Balls Up, Ready to Shoot a Gigantic Load All Over You!

Smooth Muscle Boy's Thick Little 15" Hardon is Outdone by His Gigantic Fat Balls! Lay Him on His Back and Fuck His Sweet Ass While His Balls Envelope Your Huge Cock!

Skinhead Muscleboi's 29" Monster Dick is Hard as a Rock and Standing Straight Out at You! Go Ahead, Give it Some Tongue!

Tattooed Military MuscleGod has Balls Hanging Down to His Cheetah, a 17" Soft Dick and a Face to Kiss All Night Long!