Sunday, January 31, 2016

And finally, the Biggest Dick in the World award! It was pretty easy to see that recent convert to cock expansion therapy, Mike Hong, had by far the biggest dick this year. Congratulations Mike, we all hope we can suck on your cock, and squeeze your balls, and be there for the cum shot of the year!

We'd only seen Mike briefly at headquarters, so were suprised and totally turned on by his qualifications when he entered this year's contest. His prized cock weighs in at a staggering 1,800 pounds, and his mega-balls, which he likes to sit on while guys suck his dick, weigh another 450 pounds. Like most of the giga-dicked guys, Mike's bus-sized cock is always hard, offering a great opportunity for more men to work together and bring him to one of his explosive and enduring orgasms. Mike's established a new benchmark for cock size, 16 feet is nearly double last year's winner. We'll watch to see whether Mike will keep it going, or if he's satisfied knowing that his acomplishment today guarantees him the best nonstop sex on the planet––for the rest of his life!!

Biggest Dick in the World size class winners have been announced. GiganticHugeMeat's rules state that a contestant can only win one award, so if someone is in the running for the top prize they won't be the winner of their class. Special Men awards are also featured now!

 From the 6 to 8 foot class comes Steve, with a striking mushroom head monster cock laced with pumping vascularity. Judges liked his overall presentation, huge muscles with veins popping out, handsome face, giant balls hanging over his workout pants, not to mention the fact that he allowed every one of them personal inspection backstage with him
 For the Most Improved Cock, the award was an easy choice for the judges––Brian Tremount's cock grew massive in mere moments, rocketing him out of one size class into the next. His 10' rock hard superdick grew effortlessly and his huge balls followed suit. This guy may have the potential to reach the giga-dick category next year
The winner of the highly anticipated 9 to 11 foot class may be a surprise to some. The judges fell in love with Chase's tapered 10 foot fuck club, and especially liked his "bag of balls" which aroused them even more, and of course they're hoping that he'll show them after the contest ends. Chase is a nice guy and will savor all the mouths and hands that rub and lick him backstage
Having raced through his cock expansion in record time, gaining 11.5' and nearly 1000 pounds of cock heft, handsome bodybuilder Derrik Hamilton was another class jumper this year. His magnificent cock stays rock hard permanently, always ready for more action, more adulation, love and climaxes that shoot for an hour. Judges lapped up his smooth cockskin and his massive meaty corona. We could be seeing more of this superstud––he loves to grow it and loves to show it

Shocking news at the Biggest Dick in th World––it's gonna be a total upset––two contestants who showed earlier have been out back giving each other cock rubdowns, licking and sucking each other, giving dirty talk, and organized everyone around to jack them hard and fast. Both have had sudden growth spurts, and they're back just in time to compete in the final giga-cock prejudging!

 Mike Hong has come back from his previous showing of 14' with a masterpiece of monster meat, pulsing audibly, now 16 feet long, 5' in diameter and a cockhead that once again pushes the boundary to a whole new dimension. The audience is on fire, some rushing the stage to lick Mike's balls which now spread a full 8' between his legs front to back. Security pushes the crowd back as the mob rips their clothes off and you can hear their cum shooting it's so powerful
Meantime, handsome and not to be ignored, Derrik Hamilton storms the stage with his 15.5' giga-dick vibrating the whole place with each step. His balls have done a nice spread as well, and his cockhead has surged to 5' in diameter. The judges will have to really struggle to get this one right––looks like subjective aesthetics will play a large part, do they prefer the smooth, refined hard cock of Derrik's, or the burgeoning vascular and throbbing cock of Mike's?

The Biggest Dick in the World returns now with the second half of pre-judging the 12+ foot class. Expectations run high with two of last year's contestants having returned with double-sized giga-dicks! What criteria will the judges use when these men all have 15 foot cocks?

 Godlike Victor Schoenstein is back with a rock hard 15' cum cannon. His balls are just as big as last year, but we already have heard the judges are looking at balls as part of the package. Certainly the best body in the contest, and among the most handsome, with a nicely greased-up straight dick, Victor could clinch it this time
 A newcomer in recent months, another reknowned bodybuilder––who always has a smile on his face––Tim shows us his version of the 15' super-cock!. Rock hard, straight and thick, Tim may be lacking in corona and balls, and with this lineup that could hurt him. But he may just charm the judges and the audience into a jackoff orgy and that can never hurt
 Our good buddy Dave, a former marine who discovered his gigantic cock expansion potential almost by chance, has, like Victor, come back with a massive 15' sex rocket, nearly double the size of last year. Handsome, and charming, will Dave's musculature be enough to convince the judges he's the best?
Dave and Tim go at it with a side by side duel of the dicks, each strong enough to keep thousand pound cocks in the air, and strong enough to keep their balance when they collide––the floors shake, but they're still standing

Day Three of the Biggest Dick in the World! Final contestant exhibition, the 12+ foot class, where size shocks even the most avid cockmaniacs! Starting with 12 and 14 foot dicks, followed by halftime when our own Dr. Mike D Ganger interviews two of last year's contestants! After the break, the 15' men!

 We've watched Derrik Hamilton for months as he's packed on foot after thick foot of cock, bringing him into the top tier of the Giga-Dick Men with 14 solid feet of fuck tool. Derrik's got it all, great looks, bodybuilder muscle, and a massive flaring dick ending in a monster head like few we've ever known
Aron Wade previewed earlier with a sizable 10' dick that intimidated a crowd favorite. But Aron didn't stop there, he's back now with 12' of thick hairy cock, and a giant set of balls that he tucks forward helping support the heft of his dick. Aron's ripped but on the slimmer side of the bodyweight for this category, we'll see how that affects the judging
And in a total surprise, Mike Hong comes roaring back from the 9 to 11' class with his mega-thick giga-dick now ramped up to a stunning 14 feet! His proportions continue to turn everyone on, and just walking on stage, the crowd could be heard jacking, sucking and cumming in a mass frenzy


Dr Mike D Ganger in Hung Magazine interviews former Marine Dave, and a disappointed Victor Schoenstein, whose narrow 2nd Place loss last year was a source of anger and suspicion.

"This month in Hung magazine, we'll talk to two men who turned heads in the 2015 Biggest Dick in the World competition - Victor Schoenstein and runner-up Dave the ex-Marine. And while last year's winner, Charlie Magnus, has laid low, he'd better have been getting his 9' cock serviced constantly if he's going to have a chance of defending his title in 2016 - both Victor and Dave have exploded past the ten foot mark, long considered a kind of ceiling for penis development since the days of enlargement began. Both men, at 14' and 15' respectively, have given the lie to that - and both look to be growing into the 2016 show. Even months before the big day, Victor and Dave are setting a new precedent for size: go really, really, really big, or go home.

We caught up with Victor Schoenstein between his orgasmic training sessions at the cock-growth training centre - a converted warehouse - where he lives, and where other men devoted to cock-growth can sign up for intensive two, four, or six week programs. When we arrived his team was carefully harvesting gallons of semen from his most recent orgasm, but Victor would only smile when asked for what purpose. The handsome bodybuilder straddled his famously titanic balls like a throne and was relaxed and jovial as he answered our questions.

Hung: Victor, you were a favourite to win the 2015 Biggest Dick in the World competition in the weeks leading up to the show, and even in the preliminary judging. Your 7' cock was, at the time, one of the largest ever on record - perfectly straight, well-formed, beautiful cock-head, balanced by your polished super-muscular physique, and with those enormous balls taking up most of the stage. Almost as if perfectly designed to please the judges. Were you disappointed by the result?

Victor: Of course I'd be lying if I said no. But remember, just a few months before the contest I had only a 36" dick. It's funny to think back on that now! As cock-growth gets more common you see more and more guys just walking around with two, three feet of cock. I feel like 24" is the new 6". But anyway. I was a newcomer to the big leagues. So it would've been great to win, but Charlie Magnus deserved that prize. And you know some of the judges, they don't like my balls - say they're disproportionate, too big, distract from the cock. I disagree but they're the judges, so [he shrugs].

Hung: But to be shut out of the final round - has that spurred you on?

Victor: [laughs] You tell me [he gestures at the fourteen feet of nearly always erect dickmeat throbbing before us]. I was never a superfast grower - you know those guys who can add feet in a single suck-session. Like the three finalists last year who added so much size between the first and the second round. People ask me why I didn't do that too, I could've won if I'd grown between the rounds. And the answer is I can't do that, I don't grow that way. But I'm consistent. If I get enough sexual attention and I take in the right nutrients, I and grow and grow and grow as months go by. In the long term there's no stopping me.

Hung: Is there a limit?

Victor: [laughs] You know I used to think "if I get too big to wear pants I've gone too far." Can you believe that? Then it was "if I can't suck myself off" - it's a sad day for any cock-grower when his dick gets too tall for his mouth to reach. Then it was "when it gets too big for me to walk." And well I could just about manage under my own steam at the Biggest Dick Contest, but right now? This cock is more than 1000 lbs, and look at my balls - they're ridiculous. If I get perched up on top of them my legs can't really reach the ground. I know some of the older fellas, the pioneers of cock-growth, could ride around on their balls, but I haven't figured out the trick to it yet. If I want to go somewhere my attendants have to put my big ol' junk in a sling and carry it, four to a side. And you ask me if there's a limit? [laughs again] If I can bring a twenty foot cock to the Biggest Dick in the World contest, you know I'll do it in a heartbeat.

Hung: Twenty feet?!?!?

Victor: Well you know, a few years ago the biggest dick in the world was barely more than three feet. Four feet seemed outrageous when it first happened. Then for a while it was 57", then 60", then it hovered around the five-six foot mark for a while, then a bunch of us were breaking seven feet, approaching eight, and then Charlie hit the stage with his nine footer . . . and this all happened over the course of just a few years. Who knows where we'll be in five, ten years? Already this year we've smashed the ten foot mark to bits. There's a guy in Germany, Tim, he hasn't competed yet but you'll hear his name if you haven't yet - he just started this year and last I saw he was 11', but I've heard he's grown substantially bigger since then. My point is . . . um . . . what was my point? [laughs] It's soon time for me to cum again, and I get distracted easily when I'm horny.

Hung: Would you like us to go?

Victor: On the contrary, why don't you stay and help out? [Victor's team begins to assemble along the length of his mammoth 14' pole]. Take off those clothes and climb aboard - straddle the root of my cock and make out with me . . . oh yes . . . tell me how huge I am . . . . how much huger I'm gonna grow . . . . [his team are crawling over his monster cock, stimulating it.' it throbs and bucks under your intrepid reporter's thighs] Fuck, your mouth is so hot . . .these cum tanks are gonna unload . . . . get ready. . . . .!


We met Dave the ex-Marine, one of two runners-up in the 2015 Biggest Dick in the World competition, at a bar in his hometown. His cock is currently the largest on record - 15', weighing 1200 lbs. Entering and exiting the building is a sight to see - Dave has to bend down his normally-near-vertical cock and carefully line it up cock with the doorway, which is barely wide enough to accommodate it. It looks, for all the world, like he's fucking the building itself. His cock looks big enough for that. But everyone knows him inside, and the ceilings are high so Dave fits comfortably - for now.

Dave: Dude, I never took this cock-growth thing seriously. So many guys do. I think it's because a lot of them come to it through bodybuilding which is all about discipline, programs, regimes, training, etc. I just . . . my cock just grows really really easy. That's gonna piss off some of the people who want this to be a sport or whatever, but it's true The bigger it gets the more people want to play with it, and the more it gets played with the bigger it gets. That's all there is to it.

Hung: Is that going to become a problem in the future?

Dave: Heh, probably. But you know, I get a kick out of it. I love having such a titanic schlong. People notice you, they bend over backwards to do something nice for you. So far, seems like the bigger it gets, the better life gets.

Hung: Is this why you left the Marines? I can't imagine a Marine with a fifteen foot cock would be very effective in discharging his duties.

Dave: Nah, it was time for me to move on anyway, but this cock growth stuff started after that. Me and my marine buddies, we all decided to sign up for the treatment once we got out. Figured it would be a laugh. I think Tank got to maybe 42"? He would be the biggest after me. Killer is still so pissed, his cock growth kind of fizzled out around 18". Most of the other dudes settled in between two and three feet. But for me, it's like some switch got stuck in the 'on' position, I guess. Sometimes we all get together and they just hold me down and start sucking me, like every dude on a portion of dick - there's plenty to go around - just to see me notch up a couple of inches fatter and longer. The bastards aren't gonna be happy until I'm pinned under a skyscraper dick, I don't think [he grins and chuckles, slapping the substantial trunk of his cock, which does indeed tower over us].

Hung: Were they in the audience at the Biggest Dick in the World competition?

Dave: Oh hell yeah, couldn't you hear those maniacs whooping and hollering? They're the ones who convinced me to sign up in the first place. Never thought I'd do so well - I was just hoping not to embarrass myself. And - heck - things got hot and heavy backstage, everyone sucking everyone else, I spurted up a couple more feet, and next thing I know I'm in the top 3. Never would ave predicted that. My buddies went wild. They're all egging me on to win it in 2016. But like I say, I never take this too serious. I'm happy with whatever outcome, as long as my dick keeps growing.

Hung: Any predictions . . .?

Dave: Other than us retiring in a few minutes so I can show you just what this cock can do? Who knows what tomorrow might bring, dude.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Biggest Dick in the World 2016 returns from halftime in the 9' to 11' class. This group will astound even the most experienced gigantic dick aficionados! Bodybuilders, models, and the guy next door––huge dicks are growing everywhere!

 At a full ten feet, muscular Chase's cock just about drags him down the street looking for more lips, more hands, more men to keep him growing. He's very competitive and hopes his balls in a bag presentation helps
 Out of nowhere it seems, this remarkable boy next door has a growth power we haven't seen before. Just days ago Brian Tremount's dick was 7 feet––now, 10' and growing. And like others with the gift, his balls are a majestic set of floor sweepers
 Jed's been around the GiganticHugeMeat campus on and off for years. We're thrilled to have him back and pushing a new record for him, 11' of hard cock
 Renowned bodybuilder Lewis is back too, with a tanker truck sized sex-pipe. Covered in possibly the smoothest skin ever seen, his dick just begs to be jacked and licked! But it's his massive "bearded" ballsac that's so memorable
Mike Hong could qualify in the overall, and could even beat some of the guys in the Giga-dick class––he's got it all, handsome, bulging muscles, and a cock that defies gravity and description. 11 rock solid feet long with a diameter ranging from 3 to 4 feet. His corona ridge's colossal flare and monumental cockhead put him in a category by himself, truly breathtaking

Biggest Dick in the World Contest presents Day 2; contestants in the 9' to 11' Class. First up, the 9 foot men. Our in house cummentator and certified Facilitator of Megadicks, Dr. Mike D Ganger, will give some GiganticHugeMeat background during halftime, then the 10' to 11' men!

 First up, handsome bodybuilder Barnett Simms, who just two weeks ago made his debut here, and has since added nearly 5 feet of thick dick––and his balls are now down to the floor; his strength is mind boggling--he's been seen sprinting down the street towards a sexmate with his dick up just like it is here
 California surfer Bud, another guy who grows his dick with such ease, and really only to pleasure his fuck buddies. But here he is with his dick at 9', and with a possible record girth
 Here's Italian stud bodybuilder Giacomo Calabrese with his mega-fuck cannon straining its skin, and likely to grow more while surrounded by all the other monster cocks. Giacomo's balls are among the biggest around, preceding him into the room by 5'
And finally, fun loving Karl, with his always straight up dick rising a full 9.5', half a foot longer than the others in his group. Not sure whether having the thinnest dick will hurt his chances at winning, we'll have to see what the judges think

Halftime Break

A typical day at GiganticHugeMeat HQ  by Dr. Mike D Ganger

                Well, I’ve been working here for about a year now, and really there isn’t anything like a ‘typical’ day. You never know who’s coming in for an appointment. A local businessman who’s decided 18” isn’t enough and wants to go for 30” – the business guys are really into cock growth, you know? They’re all so cocky and competitive. I’d watch for men’s fashion to start adapting to the fact that no one’s got fewer than two feet of meat hanging off their crotch. Anyway.
Or we might have a group of frat guys come in who pooled their money. And they want some bullshit like ¼ of a session each. I don’t have to tell you – what we do doesn’t come cheap. Depending on who’s working, we’ll usually take pity on the guys, if they’re not total assholes to the staff, and give them a full session each at a deep discount.  Get their little college peckers at least up into the mid-teens. And you never know – you might find someone with a real talent for growth, and they could be competing this time next year.
You also get a lot of fitness models, amateur or even competitive bodybuilders who have yet to cross over into the extreme cock-growth game. They say they just want to fill out their posers a bit more. You know it’s kinda inevitable, though – those guys are addicted to size, and if you’re 275lbs of freaky bulging muscle you’re not the sorta guy who’s gonna settle for a fifteen inch cock when you could have a ten-footer. Yeah, back in the company breakroom, we even have a little betting pool as to who’s gonna break next, who’s gonna say screw ‘balance’ and ‘proportion’ and decide to make their dick freaky-big. Craig? Antoine? Adam? Flex? They’ve all had a little bit of dick enhancement work done, but we expect all of them to come around eventually.
                But this time of year, as we’re gearing up for the Biggest Dick in the World competition, it gets really fucking busy around here. This year more than last year, because the competition is getting more and more famous. You get the big names coming in, the guys famous for, well, having the biggest dicks in the world. But you also get the newer guys, the hungry up and comers, who want that fame. A lot of these guys can grow on their own, they don’t even need our services. But they don’t want to leave anything to chance. A session with Michael might mean an extra foot, or even an extra two feet, and that can be the difference between winning the competition and trailing the pack. Especially since no one knows what kind of size we’re gonna see this year. Already the top contenders are reporting twelve, fourteen, even fifteen foot dicks. . . . and the competition is still a bit of ways away!
                So I guess I’ll tell you about yesterday, because I suppose it’s typical enough. And by typical I mean “insane.” So we’ve got Brian Tremont in. He walks through the door with some difficulty, ‘cause he’s preceded by a seven foot long fuck cannon that’s pointing straight out from his crotch, parallel to the floor. I tell ya, the lower back muscles on some of these guys. . . . anyway, as you might have seen already ‘cause I think the boss put it right up on our website – Brian had a major growth spurt and we were lucky enough to capture it on camera. He surged right to eight feet in just a few minutes. Despite the added mass, his cock doesn’t start to sag under its own weight – instead it lurches up into the sky! Unforgettable.
                So anyway, as we’re queuing up with Brian, James Craven comes back in. His dick has been growing like a weed lately and he wants to make the most of that. He’s got a lot to grow if he wants to compete at the Biggest Dick, but he might do it – when I say his dick is growing like a weed, I really mean it. So I’m busy prepping him, and my colleague Michael’s got Chase down the hall. Chase’s dick is ten feet and frankly it’s gorgeous, but he got spooked by an encounter with a rival’s mega-thick twelve-foot giga-dick and now he’s freaking out, says he needs to grow at least another four or five feet.  Me and James can hear him through the wall as we’re prepping because he’s so loud – I think seeing Wade’s school-bus of a cock really rattled Chase, made him doubt his chances.
Anyway, I’m about to get started with Chase when I hear some yelling and running down the hall. Long story short – it turns out Brian Tremont wasn’t done growing when we turned the cameras off. Fucking hell! I don’t know what that boy is eating, but it’s like you puff a bit of air against his cockhead and he gains three inches. Talk about a hair-trigger. Anyway, we rush back to the room where we’d left him to recover and his dick is pointing to the ceiling, even bigger than before, and his wincing and grimacing and moaning like he can barely take it, saying half-crazy stuff about how hard it is. I swear to god I can see that freak dick pulse a little larger with every heartbeat. And even from the door I can feel how it’s radiating heat. His gigantic cockhead is glistening in the light and he’s literally pissing precum from his gaping slit.
Well, we’re trained at this – we know what’s happening. He’s not gonna stop growing until he cums, and this much growth this quickly could be dangerous – so we’ve gotta make him cum ASAP. So all of us who are on duty just fall on his dick and start using every trick we know. I swear that monster cock is throbbing with growth, hot to the touch. It’s dangerous to climb to his cockhead because it’s quite high above the floor now and his shaft is slick with precum, but our floors are padded and we’re trained in how to fall. So like, four guys are on Brian’s dick and there’s still room to spare, I swear to fuck. He starts bellowing like he’s gonna die and then – bam! – some of the biggest cumshots you’ve ever seen. You’d swear he hadn’t cum for weeks, despite the fact we’d literally just sucked him off and jacked him off less than an hour ago.
So I leave the three other guys there to clean up and I go to apologize to Chase and James – to let them know this won’t affect their sessions, they’ll still get their full time and the full treatment. And what do I see? I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. James is fucking riding Chase like a pony; Chase is somehow taking James’s big cock, and Chase’s cock . . .  my god. He wanted four or five more feet, and he got them. Best part is it still has that gorgeous shape – kinda narrow near his crotch and then flaring wide as it reaches into the sky.
I’m so dumbstruck that I don’t notice I’m not the only guy watching. I hear someone muttering curses in Italian – I know the language a little thanks to my Nonna, although she’d faint if she could hear the words this guy was saying. So I turn to look. I don’t know what Nonna would have done if she saw what I saw when I turned – she’d probably spontaneously combust or something.
So you remember this guy, Giacomo Calabrese? He made a little stir back in the fall, really big Italian bodybuilder – I’m talking fucking massive – who claims his dick grows when he sees another guy’s penis. The larger the dick and the longer he looks at it, the more growth he gets. Well, the boss is always curious about unorthodox methods of cock growth, so he paid to fly Giacomo over for a visit, to see if it’s true and how it works. And I guess I kind of forgot Giacomo was due to arrive today…. He must have shown up while we were all busy getting Brian Tremont’s runaway dick-growth under control, and I guess he wandered in and found James fucking Chase’s cock to newly monstrous proportions, and, well…. You remember what Giacomo’s dick looked like back in October? Well, he’s grown since then. But staring at these two guys for who knows how long…. Well…. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, right?

I don’t have to tell you what a bitch cleanup was after that sequence of fiascos. But, you know, I have to say that everyone involved was very satisfied with how things turned out….!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Let the Competition Begin! The 2016 Biggest Dick in the World Contest! Here are the contestants in the 6 to 8 foot class. Happy to report that this class is all eight-footers!

 Big Steve is a newcomer to GiganticHugeMeat, but already showing promise with his throbbing, vascular 8 foot mushroom headed cock
 Smart, sexy Autralian Trent puts his recently expanded 8 foot cock into the fray. Trent's a laid back beauty who likes getting laid, but doesn't grow his dick to compete, it's just for fun
 Familiar contest winner from late last year, Ricardo, brings his now huge 8 foot slicked up dick––and his boyfriend––to the competition. Like Trent, Ricardo would love to win, but keeping his insatiable boyfriend, Arnie, happy is the real goal
Todd's our first contestant returning from last year. His dick is definitely bigger, but as the judges noted last year, if you're gonna play with the big boys, you better show some hefty balls as well as your thick pulsing 8 foot cock!