Friday, January 29, 2016

Biggest Dick in the World 2016 returns from halftime in the 9' to 11' class. This group will astound even the most experienced gigantic dick aficionados! Bodybuilders, models, and the guy next door––huge dicks are growing everywhere!

 At a full ten feet, muscular Chase's cock just about drags him down the street looking for more lips, more hands, more men to keep him growing. He's very competitive and hopes his balls in a bag presentation helps
 Out of nowhere it seems, this remarkable boy next door has a growth power we haven't seen before. Just days ago Brian Tremount's dick was 7 feet––now, 10' and growing. And like others with the gift, his balls are a majestic set of floor sweepers
 Jed's been around the GiganticHugeMeat campus on and off for years. We're thrilled to have him back and pushing a new record for him, 11' of hard cock
 Renowned bodybuilder Lewis is back too, with a tanker truck sized sex-pipe. Covered in possibly the smoothest skin ever seen, his dick just begs to be jacked and licked! But it's his massive "bearded" ballsac that's so memorable
Mike Hong could qualify in the overall, and could even beat some of the guys in the Giga-dick class––he's got it all, handsome, bulging muscles, and a cock that defies gravity and description. 11 rock solid feet long with a diameter ranging from 3 to 4 feet. His corona ridge's colossal flare and monumental cockhead put him in a category by himself, truly breathtaking

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