Sunday, January 31, 2016

Shocking news at the Biggest Dick in th World––it's gonna be a total upset––two contestants who showed earlier have been out back giving each other cock rubdowns, licking and sucking each other, giving dirty talk, and organized everyone around to jack them hard and fast. Both have had sudden growth spurts, and they're back just in time to compete in the final giga-cock prejudging!

 Mike Hong has come back from his previous showing of 14' with a masterpiece of monster meat, pulsing audibly, now 16 feet long, 5' in diameter and a cockhead that once again pushes the boundary to a whole new dimension. The audience is on fire, some rushing the stage to lick Mike's balls which now spread a full 8' between his legs front to back. Security pushes the crowd back as the mob rips their clothes off and you can hear their cum shooting it's so powerful
Meantime, handsome and not to be ignored, Derrik Hamilton storms the stage with his 15.5' giga-dick vibrating the whole place with each step. His balls have done a nice spread as well, and his cockhead has surged to 5' in diameter. The judges will have to really struggle to get this one right––looks like subjective aesthetics will play a large part, do they prefer the smooth, refined hard cock of Derrik's, or the burgeoning vascular and throbbing cock of Mike's?

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