Sunday, January 31, 2016

Biggest Dick in the World size class winners have been announced. GiganticHugeMeat's rules state that a contestant can only win one award, so if someone is in the running for the top prize they won't be the winner of their class. Special Men awards are also featured now!

 From the 6 to 8 foot class comes Steve, with a striking mushroom head monster cock laced with pumping vascularity. Judges liked his overall presentation, huge muscles with veins popping out, handsome face, giant balls hanging over his workout pants, not to mention the fact that he allowed every one of them personal inspection backstage with him
 For the Most Improved Cock, the award was an easy choice for the judges––Brian Tremount's cock grew massive in mere moments, rocketing him out of one size class into the next. His 10' rock hard superdick grew effortlessly and his huge balls followed suit. This guy may have the potential to reach the giga-dick category next year
The winner of the highly anticipated 9 to 11 foot class may be a surprise to some. The judges fell in love with Chase's tapered 10 foot fuck club, and especially liked his "bag of balls" which aroused them even more, and of course they're hoping that he'll show them after the contest ends. Chase is a nice guy and will savor all the mouths and hands that rub and lick him backstage
Having raced through his cock expansion in record time, gaining 11.5' and nearly 1000 pounds of cock heft, handsome bodybuilder Derrik Hamilton was another class jumper this year. His magnificent cock stays rock hard permanently, always ready for more action, more adulation, love and climaxes that shoot for an hour. Judges lapped up his smooth cockskin and his massive meaty corona. We could be seeing more of this superstud––he loves to grow it and loves to show it

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