Sunday, January 31, 2016

And finally, the Biggest Dick in the World award! It was pretty easy to see that recent convert to cock expansion therapy, Mike Hong, had by far the biggest dick this year. Congratulations Mike, we all hope we can suck on your cock, and squeeze your balls, and be there for the cum shot of the year!

We'd only seen Mike briefly at headquarters, so were suprised and totally turned on by his qualifications when he entered this year's contest. His prized cock weighs in at a staggering 1,800 pounds, and his mega-balls, which he likes to sit on while guys suck his dick, weigh another 450 pounds. Like most of the giga-dicked guys, Mike's bus-sized cock is always hard, offering a great opportunity for more men to work together and bring him to one of his explosive and enduring orgasms. Mike's established a new benchmark for cock size, 16 feet is nearly double last year's winner. We'll watch to see whether Mike will keep it going, or if he's satisfied knowing that his acomplishment today guarantees him the best nonstop sex on the planet––for the rest of his life!!

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