Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mr. Pric Says: My Dick is So Thick Both Hands Don't Even Come Close to Wrapping Around It. But I'm So Fucking Hard and So Fucking Ready, Just as Few More Jerks and I'll Explode All Over You Again and Again!

Spanish Bodybuilder, Famous for His Huge Bulge Finally Let's His Humongous Dick Out and It Drops All the Way to the Floor! Start There and Work Your Way Up, He Loves Being Worshipped!

San Francisco Bodybuilder Shows His Big Muscles in Competition! But It's His Gigantic Dick that Makes the Crowd Go Completely Wild with Lust!

Heart-Thumping Gorgeous Muscle-God Shows You His Enormous Monster Cock––and Shocks You When He Wraps His Massive Arms Around You, Pulls You in to Make-out, and Jacks Off with You!