Friday, April 21, 2017

So here I am, over at the Cock Expansion Institute, just hangin' out, waiting for the boys to take me in for another quick growth spurt. Until I go in, I'm gonna stay soft because when you get the growth, it makes you instantly hard and you cum. Seeing all the guys here with five, six foot cocks sauntering around, I'm getting a little turned on. It's really cool that the government made it legal for us big-dicked guys to go naked, slapping our massive meat on other huge guys, and confirmed at the Supreme Court today! America really is Great Again!

As promised, another picture of Dr Mike D Granger! This was taken after he'd been with us at the Cock Expansion Institute for six months. As you can see from his previous post on March 6th, his ultra-responsive monster cock has more than sextupled in volume and mass. This was when he could still walk with it elevated without helping hands! Dr Mike is a phenom, super generous, and can grow your dick into a humongous tool just by looking at you!

Three neighborhood guys showing us their big stuff. First up, Bengie Harwood, a hairy muscle stud with a big thick cock that is always hard, and who cums 20 times a day without even touching himself! Jacko wasn't as happy about being in a hard naked shot at first, but after a few licks and some nice words about his big thick dong, he couldn't resist! And urban farmer Jase Kercheval laid right back, jacked up his humongous cock, asking who was gonna blow him now––a true huge dick exhibitionist!