Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hey do you have to stare at me right now? I'm just gettin' ready to go onstage as a go-go boy over in Ft Lauderdale. Tell you what, come out to the show and if you're generous enough maybe I'll let you touch my thick dick, maybe even jack me off, suck my balls. I've been burned before, so don't get any ideas about kissing me unless you talk five figures for the night. You're cute, and hot, but I'm the one they'll all be trying for tonight! Those are my tips for winning––you want me, just pay up, no big deal!

Been workin' out a little, gettin' fucked A LOT! My life as a porn star has been fun, met lots of super sexy guys, have a great lover. Probably time for me to ramp up the cock growth. Guys at the growth center assured me it will be the hottest thing I'll ever do. Can you see me with three, five, 10 feet of monster cock? Balls to the floor! And the hottest guys on the planet waiting for a lick, a kiss, some splooge wherever I go! I'm cumming just thinking about it!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Hey buddy, crawl over here and get some of daddy's humongous monster cock! Look up at me, look in my eyes while you lick under my fat balls, rub my gigantic wrist thick cock muscle...feel it pulse, feel it throbbing, taste my precum splashing down your face! Stand up and stick your thick tongue in my piss hole, in and out like you're fucking my massive dickhead with it, yeah, that's it...squeeze the shaft, rub both hands up and down its full enormous length! Yeah baby, that's it, ooooh yeah, oh fuck, fuck, here I cum, aaaaaah yeaaaah fuuuuuck!!

I'm really excited that you picked me to be here. As you can see, I'm not a big bodybuilder...yet...and my dick is in it's original state...at least for the moment. Yup, my super thick cock with its massive mushroom dickhead has been getting me through life just fine––not many people can fit it in any of their holes, but man, the ones that do, it's the most mind-blowing sex imaginable! The guys at the cock expansion clinic think they can grow my dick way more, and give me some seriously memorable muscles, but how much bigger should I get?