Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hey you guys, Buzz Stanford here, a blast from the past! Four years ago I came to the Gigantic Huge Meat Expansion Clinic but I wasn't ready to commit, my dick was a nice thick 19 inches, and I thought that was enough, wouldn't you? Then I discovered the guys I wanted to fuck not only had cocks way bigger, they only wanted guys like them, with 30", 40". One guy I swear had a dick that was over six feet and as big around as his waist! That was just last week, so I finally came back, and so far, I'm loving what they're doing! Like a non-stop orgasm, pumping & growing & throbbing, fuck, you gotta try it. So many guys rub up against me on the A train and invite me home I don't have time for them all!!

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