Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Here are a bunch of guys, a couple are straight, the others are gay. Some of their dicks are huge, some giant, and one reached giga-dick this week. All their dicks are rock hard and ready to fuck!

 You've seen me here before, a guy was glomming down on this fucking huge dick; not too many guys can do that––I came so hard I thought I'd hurt him––he brought me off again, immediately! That suction was intense, hope he cums back soon!

 This is Casey Wexford, straight guy from Brompton, Canada. Yup it's true what they say about our Northern neighbors––the men have thick beautiful dicks and huge balls!. But they are a little passive, so American tops are up there fucking the hell out of them all the time!

Yeah, everyone used to think I was just "gay for pay" but I was shy, and wasn't out, so I let everyone think that. Now I suck dick, get fucked, and love it!

 This is my first time here, and even though my dick is so hard, I'm on the edge of cumming all the time, my cock could use some expansion. I'd be happy with 3 feet!

 I am a whore, for real a call boy, make a huge amount of money, travel the world on my clients' dimes, and all I do is lay back and let them suck my fat cock. Sometimes they want to sit on it, but I don't let them, I like it clean, if you know what I mean.

 You think I'm gay?? No way cocksucker, but I'll let you suck my thick dick, and lick my massive balls and rim the fuck out of my tight asshole. Hell no you can't kiss me, dickhead! Get on your knees and suck me all the way down, I'll cum so hard you'll gag.

How is it that I get stuck with a bunch of pre-expansion sluts? This monster cock grew huge in just one week. They should all go and get bigger, I mean they're all hot studs, they could be sizzlers with more meat and potatoes. Big dicks rule, everyone knows that!