Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Biggest Dick in the World returns now with the second half of pre-judging the 12+ foot class. Expectations run high with two of last year's contestants having returned with double-sized giga-dicks! What criteria will the judges use when these men all have 15 foot cocks?

 Godlike Victor Schoenstein is back with a rock hard 15' cum cannon. His balls are just as big as last year, but we already have heard the judges are looking at balls as part of the package. Certainly the best body in the contest, and among the most handsome, with a nicely greased-up straight dick, Victor could clinch it this time
 A newcomer in recent months, another reknowned bodybuilder––who always has a smile on his face––Tim shows us his version of the 15' super-cock!. Rock hard, straight and thick, Tim may be lacking in corona and balls, and with this lineup that could hurt him. But he may just charm the judges and the audience into a jackoff orgy and that can never hurt
 Our good buddy Dave, a former marine who discovered his gigantic cock expansion potential almost by chance, has, like Victor, come back with a massive 15' sex rocket, nearly double the size of last year. Handsome, and charming, will Dave's musculature be enough to convince the judges he's the best?
Dave and Tim go at it with a side by side duel of the dicks, each strong enough to keep thousand pound cocks in the air, and strong enough to keep their balance when they collide––the floors shake, but they're still standing

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