Sunday, January 31, 2016

Day Three of the Biggest Dick in the World! Final contestant exhibition, the 12+ foot class, where size shocks even the most avid cockmaniacs! Starting with 12 and 14 foot dicks, followed by halftime when our own Dr. Mike D Ganger interviews two of last year's contestants! After the break, the 15' men!

 We've watched Derrik Hamilton for months as he's packed on foot after thick foot of cock, bringing him into the top tier of the Giga-Dick Men with 14 solid feet of fuck tool. Derrik's got it all, great looks, bodybuilder muscle, and a massive flaring dick ending in a monster head like few we've ever known
Aron Wade previewed earlier with a sizable 10' dick that intimidated a crowd favorite. But Aron didn't stop there, he's back now with 12' of thick hairy cock, and a giant set of balls that he tucks forward helping support the heft of his dick. Aron's ripped but on the slimmer side of the bodyweight for this category, we'll see how that affects the judging
And in a total surprise, Mike Hong comes roaring back from the 9 to 11' class with his mega-thick giga-dick now ramped up to a stunning 14 feet! His proportions continue to turn everyone on, and just walking on stage, the crowd could be heard jacking, sucking and cumming in a mass frenzy


Dr Mike D Ganger in Hung Magazine interviews former Marine Dave, and a disappointed Victor Schoenstein, whose narrow 2nd Place loss last year was a source of anger and suspicion.

"This month in Hung magazine, we'll talk to two men who turned heads in the 2015 Biggest Dick in the World competition - Victor Schoenstein and runner-up Dave the ex-Marine. And while last year's winner, Charlie Magnus, has laid low, he'd better have been getting his 9' cock serviced constantly if he's going to have a chance of defending his title in 2016 - both Victor and Dave have exploded past the ten foot mark, long considered a kind of ceiling for penis development since the days of enlargement began. Both men, at 14' and 15' respectively, have given the lie to that - and both look to be growing into the 2016 show. Even months before the big day, Victor and Dave are setting a new precedent for size: go really, really, really big, or go home.

We caught up with Victor Schoenstein between his orgasmic training sessions at the cock-growth training centre - a converted warehouse - where he lives, and where other men devoted to cock-growth can sign up for intensive two, four, or six week programs. When we arrived his team was carefully harvesting gallons of semen from his most recent orgasm, but Victor would only smile when asked for what purpose. The handsome bodybuilder straddled his famously titanic balls like a throne and was relaxed and jovial as he answered our questions.

Hung: Victor, you were a favourite to win the 2015 Biggest Dick in the World competition in the weeks leading up to the show, and even in the preliminary judging. Your 7' cock was, at the time, one of the largest ever on record - perfectly straight, well-formed, beautiful cock-head, balanced by your polished super-muscular physique, and with those enormous balls taking up most of the stage. Almost as if perfectly designed to please the judges. Were you disappointed by the result?

Victor: Of course I'd be lying if I said no. But remember, just a few months before the contest I had only a 36" dick. It's funny to think back on that now! As cock-growth gets more common you see more and more guys just walking around with two, three feet of cock. I feel like 24" is the new 6". But anyway. I was a newcomer to the big leagues. So it would've been great to win, but Charlie Magnus deserved that prize. And you know some of the judges, they don't like my balls - say they're disproportionate, too big, distract from the cock. I disagree but they're the judges, so [he shrugs].

Hung: But to be shut out of the final round - has that spurred you on?

Victor: [laughs] You tell me [he gestures at the fourteen feet of nearly always erect dickmeat throbbing before us]. I was never a superfast grower - you know those guys who can add feet in a single suck-session. Like the three finalists last year who added so much size between the first and the second round. People ask me why I didn't do that too, I could've won if I'd grown between the rounds. And the answer is I can't do that, I don't grow that way. But I'm consistent. If I get enough sexual attention and I take in the right nutrients, I and grow and grow and grow as months go by. In the long term there's no stopping me.

Hung: Is there a limit?

Victor: [laughs] You know I used to think "if I get too big to wear pants I've gone too far." Can you believe that? Then it was "if I can't suck myself off" - it's a sad day for any cock-grower when his dick gets too tall for his mouth to reach. Then it was "when it gets too big for me to walk." And well I could just about manage under my own steam at the Biggest Dick Contest, but right now? This cock is more than 1000 lbs, and look at my balls - they're ridiculous. If I get perched up on top of them my legs can't really reach the ground. I know some of the older fellas, the pioneers of cock-growth, could ride around on their balls, but I haven't figured out the trick to it yet. If I want to go somewhere my attendants have to put my big ol' junk in a sling and carry it, four to a side. And you ask me if there's a limit? [laughs again] If I can bring a twenty foot cock to the Biggest Dick in the World contest, you know I'll do it in a heartbeat.

Hung: Twenty feet?!?!?

Victor: Well you know, a few years ago the biggest dick in the world was barely more than three feet. Four feet seemed outrageous when it first happened. Then for a while it was 57", then 60", then it hovered around the five-six foot mark for a while, then a bunch of us were breaking seven feet, approaching eight, and then Charlie hit the stage with his nine footer . . . and this all happened over the course of just a few years. Who knows where we'll be in five, ten years? Already this year we've smashed the ten foot mark to bits. There's a guy in Germany, Tim, he hasn't competed yet but you'll hear his name if you haven't yet - he just started this year and last I saw he was 11', but I've heard he's grown substantially bigger since then. My point is . . . um . . . what was my point? [laughs] It's soon time for me to cum again, and I get distracted easily when I'm horny.

Hung: Would you like us to go?

Victor: On the contrary, why don't you stay and help out? [Victor's team begins to assemble along the length of his mammoth 14' pole]. Take off those clothes and climb aboard - straddle the root of my cock and make out with me . . . oh yes . . . tell me how huge I am . . . . how much huger I'm gonna grow . . . . [his team are crawling over his monster cock, stimulating it.' it throbs and bucks under your intrepid reporter's thighs] Fuck, your mouth is so hot . . .these cum tanks are gonna unload . . . . get ready. . . . .!


We met Dave the ex-Marine, one of two runners-up in the 2015 Biggest Dick in the World competition, at a bar in his hometown. His cock is currently the largest on record - 15', weighing 1200 lbs. Entering and exiting the building is a sight to see - Dave has to bend down his normally-near-vertical cock and carefully line it up cock with the doorway, which is barely wide enough to accommodate it. It looks, for all the world, like he's fucking the building itself. His cock looks big enough for that. But everyone knows him inside, and the ceilings are high so Dave fits comfortably - for now.

Dave: Dude, I never took this cock-growth thing seriously. So many guys do. I think it's because a lot of them come to it through bodybuilding which is all about discipline, programs, regimes, training, etc. I just . . . my cock just grows really really easy. That's gonna piss off some of the people who want this to be a sport or whatever, but it's true The bigger it gets the more people want to play with it, and the more it gets played with the bigger it gets. That's all there is to it.

Hung: Is that going to become a problem in the future?

Dave: Heh, probably. But you know, I get a kick out of it. I love having such a titanic schlong. People notice you, they bend over backwards to do something nice for you. So far, seems like the bigger it gets, the better life gets.

Hung: Is this why you left the Marines? I can't imagine a Marine with a fifteen foot cock would be very effective in discharging his duties.

Dave: Nah, it was time for me to move on anyway, but this cock growth stuff started after that. Me and my marine buddies, we all decided to sign up for the treatment once we got out. Figured it would be a laugh. I think Tank got to maybe 42"? He would be the biggest after me. Killer is still so pissed, his cock growth kind of fizzled out around 18". Most of the other dudes settled in between two and three feet. But for me, it's like some switch got stuck in the 'on' position, I guess. Sometimes we all get together and they just hold me down and start sucking me, like every dude on a portion of dick - there's plenty to go around - just to see me notch up a couple of inches fatter and longer. The bastards aren't gonna be happy until I'm pinned under a skyscraper dick, I don't think [he grins and chuckles, slapping the substantial trunk of his cock, which does indeed tower over us].

Hung: Were they in the audience at the Biggest Dick in the World competition?

Dave: Oh hell yeah, couldn't you hear those maniacs whooping and hollering? They're the ones who convinced me to sign up in the first place. Never thought I'd do so well - I was just hoping not to embarrass myself. And - heck - things got hot and heavy backstage, everyone sucking everyone else, I spurted up a couple more feet, and next thing I know I'm in the top 3. Never would ave predicted that. My buddies went wild. They're all egging me on to win it in 2016. But like I say, I never take this too serious. I'm happy with whatever outcome, as long as my dick keeps growing.

Hung: Any predictions . . .?

Dave: Other than us retiring in a few minutes so I can show you just what this cock can do? Who knows what tomorrow might bring, dude.

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