Friday, February 17, 2017

In just two days, handsome Steve Harfarbe has come back to show us the results of his visit yesterday to the Gigantic Huge Meat Cock Expansion Center here in Chicago. But rather than trying to describe what happened you can read his own words below. This guy has some incredible potential

OMFG, so I went to the Expansion Clinic and their top expansionist Dr. Mike D. Ganger met me at the Expansion theater. We went in and he told me that he would be personally supervising my treatments, but because of the huge size of my dick before treatment he would have a team of expansionists to help once the girth became too big for just him to handle. I don't know how it works, but all Dr. Mike did was lift my already hard cock to his mouth, licked the corona a few times and bam! My dick jumped from three feet to five feet instanty! I was so shocked I ran out. Dr. Mike called after me to not worry, I'd get used to it, and yeah, today I'm cool but I kept running. I'll go back soon, it's just this is a lot of huge fucking meat to deal with! I mean look at me, who has clothes for a cock like mine? XXXXXL just won't be big enough!

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