Monday, March 27, 2017

Here's another married couple, now competing in the category "Most Improved." Stewart and Romeo were skinny little bookworms before Dylan and Peter spied them shopping for jocks at Nasty Pig on 19th St. One look at their faces and the two excited expansionists had to get them into the clinic for some quick growth. They jumped in a cab and sped to our NY branch at 45th & 10th. The husbands were thrilled by the sudden jolt of muscle and cock, entered the contest, and as you see here, await the results. We're sure they'll be in the top three or #1!

This clarifying update just in from Peter Chaos:

Dylan and I were cruising around Chelsea looking for some exciting new candidates for our cock expansion program. We slid into the Nasty Pig, as we often do, looking for guys whose dreams of having gigantic cocks is shown by their shopping interests.

Stewart and Romeo were casually walking around and came across our new Priapus Line of clothes. Made specifically for our guys going through the program, the P-Line has both professional and casual clothing...all of which are 100% pure erotic wear. Romeo was in complete awe of the huge jocks that ranged from the size of Hefty Bags all the way to Parachute Size. 

Dylan and I knew the minute Romeo stood there staring at the almost comically large clothing, the gears in his head were turning. Jokingly, he asked Stewart, “Who could possibly fit in these clothes...and who would want to look like such a freak?” He was trying to deflect suspicions of his new interest, but Dylan and I knew better and could spot a new recruit from a mile away.

After all the years Stewart and Romeo were nerdy introverted bookworms, for both of them, the thought of them becoming cock-showmen––and the talk of the town––was finally begging to be released. Stewart also played disinterested...but obviously had done his homework. He clearly knew plenty about the Institute as he described it in detail to Romeo. Both tried emptily to assure each other that the life of a monster cock freak was not for them. This was Dylan’s and my time to make our move. 

With my own massive junk stuffed into the confines of the tearing-at-the-seams XXXXXL jock, I sauntered over to them, masking my ulterior motive by asking if they happened to see a XXXXXXL size. I mentioned that I've been growing so much lately, that it’s like I’m growing out of them everyday. Dumbfounded, shocked and yearning, I could clearly see the swelling desire in both their eyes.

"You two studs like what you see? Ya know, you guys would look great with some more meat on your bones." Both assured me they couldn't possibly think of getting involved with the program. They weakly claimed they didn’t feel it was for them. "Well, guys, if you wanted to, I could give you a little taste right now. What do you have to lose?" Both quietly confirmed that it was okay, but not too much. It was intoxicating for me and Dylan watching them suddenly grow, but even more exhilarating for them. 

That got them hook, line and sinker...their euphoric flood gates opened! After their first explosive orgasm, drenching half of the Nasty Pig store, they wanted more and begged to go through the full program. We convinced them to join the competition for Most Improved first so they would feel more connected and comfortable with our community. By the way, they did win––1st Place!

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