Friday, November 17, 2017

This is Finn Stevenson, and he's got an intriguing story to tell you about how an unsullied muscle stud grew his monster muscles and massive cock!

I'm a plumber from Middle Village. Been livin' there with my wife Rita six years, originally from Rego Park. Had a job at a Midtown office yesterday. The boss man, Peter, come up to me says, "Mmmm! Nice body and nice big bulge!" He's like this super handsome massive bodybuilder with his fuckin' colossal dick standin' straight up, swingin' right in fronta his face. He says "Like what you see? I can make your huge dick way bigger too!" Yeah yeah I says. He goes, "Lemme suck your dick a little and watch how big it gets!" Fine, so he starts suckin', and fuck if my muscles dint start bulging all over, and my dick starts throbbin' till it's pumped up humongous! I'm like cummin' nonstop inside, seeing stars, totally trippin'!! He says if I want it even bigger I need to suck his monster cock. His fuckin cock––serious––big as a spread of pipeline, so I'm thinkin' no way, waaay too big. I says, how can I suck that thing, it's bigger 'round than my whole body. He tells me it's okay, don't worry, I'll open up for him. So WTF, somehow got his dick inside my lips, my mouth and throat expand unbelievably, and I'm suckin' like a pro! Felt totally fuckin' amazing, throbbing, tingling, like 10 orgasms all happening at once! Now look at me!! How in hell do I get this thing on the M back to Queens?? Peter says I can stay at the office with him. I says fine, but we gotta totally blow a load like right now, all this has put me right at the edge!

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