Friday, July 27, 2018

Our latest gigantic muscleman, Dominic, a water-driven cock expander, joins us from Virginia! Peter Chaos is thinking it's time to open another cock expansion clinic, maybe in Virginia or DC?

It was early morning, the large body of Dominic more than filled the twin bed. His beefy muscles pushed the blankets high off the bed, his massive erection clear as day, reaching more than a foot into the air. As he awoke he threw the blankets off and stood, exposing his enormous muscles. His pecs were thick, capped with juicy nips. His arms were pumped thick like bowling balls, his abs cut and dense. His ass was a massive shelf of beef and his legs were so thick he had a waddle when he walked. This was accentuated by his massive cock shaking back and forth as he made his way to the shower. As soon as he stepped in there was a noticeable change in his demeanor. He was groggy before but as soon as the water touched his skin he perked up. His muscles seemed to spasm and grow, no water entering the drain as he absorbed it, fueling his muscles. His pecs grew out as he let the warm water run over his body. He turned around and his back grew wider, his lats pushing his arms out broader. His ass pushed out more and more and his legs became even thicker. He turned back around to let his cock and balls have some time in the water. His cock growing and growing till it reached 3 ft long with massive softball sized nuts. By the time he exited it he was hundreds of pounds bigger then when he entered and it was all dense muscle. His steps shook the ground as he put on his lifeguard outfit, his speedo tight, his cock poking out the top of his swimsuit. His muscles were so big he couldn’t fit into anything else. “Welp, guess I’ll need to grow another client.”
He steps out into the open sun of the Virginia heat and uses his hand to block his eyes. The sun felt nice on his exposed skin, his clothes struggling to contain his mass. The humid air was already making him sweat and glisten. Dominic walked over to his jeep and hopped in, the wooded suburban area a quiet place where he could dedicate himself to his craft. Growing every single man he could find.

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